Leslie Ball

Leslie Ball, M.Div.

Wedding Officiant

When we meet, I’ll ask you to tell me about your life - what brought you to each other, and what led the two of you to this adventure. I look forward to hearing your love story. Let me help you design a ceremony that truly reflects who you are.

My education garnered an MFA from NYU, and a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary. I’m also certified to offer premarital counseling through Prepare & Enrich. I am also a certified yoga instructor, specializing in restorative healing. I’ve spent much of my life working as an artist, activist and educator - and those passions deeply inform my approach as your wedding officiant. My personal spiritual journey includes decades of grateful recovery in the 12-step community, over a decade leading worship in a variety of faith settings, and several years leading classes and retreats.

I can offer you wisdom gleaned from all these paths I’ve traveled. My personal experience as a bride will inevitably bring insight, empathy, and lessons learned to our meetings. My history in the arts can help us design a ceremony that celebrates your love, reflects your authentic selves, inviting everyone present to participate in a meaningful, memorable way. My training as a spiritual leader can serve us as we collaborate to create serenity, joy and mindfulness in all we do.

I’d be honored to travel this path with you. In our time together we will probably laugh a lot, possibly weep a bit, and hopefully learn, grow, and deepen in countless ways. I look forward to all of it!